VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag

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VULSINI is a British designed product and was created to enable hot stone massage therapists to carry out hot stone massage therapy anywhere. With the most popular professional option on the market being the traditional water heaters, the VULSINI Mobile Stone Heater Bag is a unique and flexible alternative.

Designed to hold enough stones for a full body massage, the VULSINI bag gives the therapist the freedom to travel anywhere to perform a hot stone massage. Preheat the VULSINIbag at home to have the stones heated and ready for the treatment.

As well as being powered by an AC power supply, the bag also features a car lighter adaptor, allowing the stones to be pre-heated in transit. Using the car adaptor, the bag can be connected to maintain the temperature of the preheated stones during travel. At your destination the heated stones are ready for immediate use.

Once the stones have been used, place them aside in a washable container ready to be washed for their next use.The obvious advantage of the VULSINI Bag is that finally there is a way to make hot stone massage mobile. But there are several other benefits.

The stones are warmed by a dry heat and the bag has an in-built thermometer so there is no need to use thermometers, gloves, scoops and nets. Not only does the VULSINI Bag take less time to set up, but unlike a water heater the bag retains heat even after it is disconnected, allowing the therapist to preheat the stones at home, saving time at the clients house.

The VULSINI is around half the size of a small water heater. This allows for easier and more convenient storage in spas, colleges, therapy rooms, beauty salons and even at home. The size of the VULSINI bag also allows for easy transport and use. Unlike water heaters, the VULSINI Bag does not require regular cleaning due to limescale build-up. Compared to water heaters, the VULSINI Bag is more environmentally friendly as it uses no water, less power to heat and is manufactured using a fraction of the metal used in water stone heaters.
Box Contains:
  • VULSINI bag
  • 2 x VULSINI stone wash-bags
  • VULSINI Thermometer
  • AC power cord
  • Car lighter adaptor
  • Instruction manual
  • Brand: Vulsini
  • Weight: 3.5kg
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