Individual Basalt Stones

Basalt Stones

Basalt is the most abundant igneous rock. The formation of these rocks from magma is very rapid - it can be a matter of hours or days. Magma is the 'potential' out of which many minerals and rocks will be formed. Magma is identical everywhere, which is why we have such a variety of minerals and basalt stones. This homogeneous matter, that consists of a mixture of substances (several minerals), is called rock. Most present day volcanoes erupt basalt material and are usually made of polycrystalline olivine and iron-magnesium silicate (olivine basalt) with a density that is 2.5 times the weight per volume of water. There are numerous varieties of basalt. The colour of basalt stones varies from grey to black, but also can be found in such colours as green, blue, red, purple, etc.

Approximate Basalt Stone weight; Large Basalt Stone 200 - 400g; Medium Basalt Stone 100 - 200g; Small Basalt Stone 50 - 100g; Basalt Face Stone <50g
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