Hot Stone Massage Equipment

About Hot Stone Massage

The application of warmed Basalt stones combined with manual massage to provide the client with a deeply relaxing, therapeutic experience. This treatment which also benefits the therapist not only financially but also physically.

As a contemporary therapy, hot stone massage was introduced to the world of spa treatments by Mary Nelson in 1993. The therapeutic use of stones and rocks has, however, been employed for thousands of years in various forms.

The technique utilises smooth warm (basalt*) stones in the therapist's hands to massage the client's body; the heat gently penetrating the skin and muscles, helping the recipient to relax quickly and effectively.

Aromatherapy, Reflexology and MLD, along with many other techniques, can be combined with hot stone massage. Many students employing many techniques are able to use thermal stones to avoid, or minimise, the effects of RSI or to continue practicing after sustaining an injury to hands or wrists.

Basalt stones are the stones of choice for hot stone massages because basalt retains heat better than any other type of stone and they have a smooth texture.

Duo Pads will be available within 2-4 weeks as they are Made in England.

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