Cold Stone Cryotherapy Equipment

These stones are effective when used as a cold application. Cold, used alone on the body, is a powerful decongestant, pushing blood, fluid and wastes out of overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissues such as the orbits, where it can help reduce dark circles through placement on the eye area. 

Cold stones can also be used on the sinus area, or as a pressure placement on post-extraction procedures, where it will help increase microcirculation, metabolism, and elimination thus affecting change on a cellular level, while interrupting the pain-spasm-pain cycle.

In co-operation with heated stones, chilled stones create a dramatic movement of fluids within the body, generating a healing, cleansing, and nourishing effect due to the alternate constriction and dilation of the blood vessels. Cold also generates a toning, or strengthening response to several body systems, most notably the immune system.
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