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VULSINI LUX Leather Dual Purpose Heating Bag

VULSINI LUX Leather Dual Purpose Heating Bag


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The VULSINI LUX range of bags are made in our Lincolnshire workshop in the heart of rural England. Constructed using the finest leather, limited edition fabrics and premium Swiss made RIRI zips all with VULSINI's signature heating technology.  Combine this with top quality cotton lining and high end nylon spiral zip, all stitched together with a cotton thread that has a polyester core to give the feel of luxury with the added strength of the polyester. The internal foam padding is a closed cell foam to afford maximum protection and insulation to the contents. It is then scrutinised by our quality control before the electric components are assembled into the bag. All of this is sent direct from our UK workshop to you, giving you a luxury product that will no doubt impress! 

Made of leather,  these bags will last a very long time. You can be assured that the quality is second to none.  They are handmade in a factory in England who has specialised  in making leather bags for over 20 years.

Benefits & Features

The obvious advantage of the VULSINI Bag is that there is finally a way to make hot stone and warm bamboo massage mobile. But have you also considered the following benefits?
  • Equipment: As no water is used to heat, there is no more need for the traditionally used equipment such as a scoop net etc.
  • Increased productivity: Not only does the VULSINI bag take less time to set up and take down, but unlike a water stone heater the bag can be heated whilst in transit.
  • Dual-powered: As well as being powered by an AC power supply, the bag also features a car lighter adaptor, allowing the stones to be pre-heated in transit.
  • Storage + Mobility: The VULSINI bag is around half the size of a small water heater and therefore much easier to transport. This also allows for easier and more convenient storage in spas, colleges, therapy rooms, beauty salons and even at home.
  • Maintenance: Unlike existing water stone heaters, the VULSINI Bag does not require regular cleaning due to limescale build-up.
  • 'Greener': Compared to existing water stone heaters, the VULSINI Bag uses less power to heat, no water and is manufactured using a fraction of the metal used in water stone heaters. 

Package of Contents
  • VULSINI LUX Warm Bamboo Bag
  • 1 x VULSINI Reheat/Wash bags
  • VULSINI Thermometer
  • AC Power Cord & Power Supply Unit
  • Car Lighter adaptor
  • Instruction Manual

Bag Details

  • Bag Exterior Dimensions: 61cm x 21.5cm x 9cm
  • Bag Interior Dimensions: 58cm x 19cm x 4cm
  • Bag Net Weight: 2.4 kg

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